DC Youth Classics

December 14, 2019


Eleanor Roosevelt High School 7601 Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt, MD 20770

NASKA 3-A Rated


The Iron Person Competition 

The Iron Person is the event for competitors who have not learned a weapon or form and may not be ready for sparring, but would like to get involved and gain experience in the tournament process.  It is an entry level division.  The Iron Person is an exciting division for the competitors and their parents. 

The Iron Person is broken down by Age and Gender.

5 & Under Boys      5 & Under Girls
6-7 Boys                  6-7 Girls
8-9 Boys                  8-9 Girls
10-11 Boys             10-11 Girls
12-13 Boys             12-13 Girls
14-15 Boys             14-15 Girls
16-17 Boys             16-17 Girls

The Iron Person has FIVE categories of competition.

Sit Ups
Only have to be done as crunches making sure that the upper back leaves the floor.
Push Ups
The chin does not have to go all the way to the floor, but the competitor must bend both elbows.
Leg Lifts
Competitor is allowed to put hands under the back and must bring heels 6 inches off the floor when lifting legs.
Front Snap Kick
The kick must be at least as high as the competitor’s waist and the foot must return to the floor after each kick. 
Competitor is allowed to change legs due to fatigue.  Kick can be done from a Shi Bu stance (front leg) or Kung Bu stance (back leg).
Round Kick
The description and rules are the same as the Front Snap Kick.

Scores are added up from each category to determine the final score and winner in each Age/Gender division. 
Each category is ONE minute.  A person to keep score is required for each competitor. 
We have found that it is more exciting if parents do the counting; however, a parent cannot count for his/her own child.   




Tournament Starts at 9:00am

Awards: 8 Places per Division

8 Black Belt Grand Champions

8 Under Belt Grand Champions



Early - Until 11/10 : First Division $50, Each Additional $15

Middle - 11/11 - 12/10 : First Division $55, Each Additional $20

Door - 12/11 - 12/14 : First Division $60, Each Additional $25



Pre-Registration   $10

Door    $15


Synchronized - $35 per person (2-5 people)

Demonstration - $75 (2-10 people)

Sparring - $35 per person (3 people)



*Competitors in Musical Divisions must provide their own audio device!*


“The Classics Triple Crown” Award Winners for 2019

Daniel Angulo Silas Szudlowski Kaitlyn Vong

Here’s how you can quality for The Classics Triple Crown Awards for 2020.

All youth competitors, Under Belt and Black Belt are eligible to win The Classics Triple Crown custom award.  You have to register, compete and win to be eligible.  Here’s how it works.  Any youth competitor (Under Belt or Black Belt) that wins First Place in a row at all three DennisBrownClassicsEvents -- which include the DC Youth Classics, Capitol City Youth Classics and US Capitol Classics China Open -- is a Classics Triple Crown award winner.   The Three Consecutive First Place wins MUST be in the SAME division at each event.  The Classics Triple Crown custom award(s) will be presented at the next US Capitol Classics China Open.  It is Grand Master Brown’s intent to have any competitor who has won a Classics Triple Crown to be invited to the finals stage for recognition at the next US Capitol Classics China Open. The Third Consecutive First Place win does not have to be at the US Capitol Classics China Open.  If the third win happens at one of our Youth events, then the Classics Triple Crown award will be presented at the next US Capitol Classics China Open, and you will be invited to the stage at the night time finals to receive your award.




US Capitol Classics
China Open

July 31 - August 1, 2020

Gaylord Resort & Convention Center
National Harbor, MD

Awarded NMAC 5-A rating for 2020

NASKA 6-A Rated

Grand Master Dennis Brown Classic China Tours

2020 China Tour Info
Coming Soon!


Capitol City Youth Classics

April 11, 2020

Washington, D.C.

NASKA  3-A Rated